Hi! So I'm planning to produce a limited run of approximately 50 Plinky kits in the near future (before the end of 2020).

(If you're wondering what a Plinky is - have a look at https://plinkysynth.com)

These kits will be available at an 'early bird' price (TBD - more than $100, hopefully less than $200). If you're interested in being notified when they are available, please sign up here and I'll keep you up to date.

The kit will be a fairly easy beginner level, similar in price, form factor & difficulty to many of the eurorack kits available at thonk.co.uk. The surface mount electronics arrive pre-assembled, so you just need to solder the through-hole (=easy) jack plugs, knobs, screen, and connectors (all provided with the kit). The LEDs on the front panel are surface mount, but quite large (1205) and they 'plop' into pre-drilled holes so they are easier than most SMD and make a good introduction to it. You'll need a pair of tweezers, but no other special tools. If that puts you off, let me know in the survey below.

Plinky works both as a 24HP eurorack module AND as a standalone mini-desktop synth, powered by USB & with a dedicated headphone output. (You can switch between the two modes as much as you like - it's the same panel & guts). In the desktop style, it's a super fun little jam box! I'm curious about what kind of case people would be excited for in that scenario, so please let me know below what you prefer. (I haven't yet found a supplier for the fancy cases, so I put made up prices just so that we all have something to think about)

I also hope to create a private discord for the 'early birds' customers, to discuss their build, all things Plinky, and perhaps run a live stream build clinic.
It'll be fun! Come join the plinking!

Interested? Sign up here! DO IT! Follow me over at https://twitter.com/mmalex if you have any questions.
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Why are you here?
What sort of case would you like?
How do SMD LEDs make you feel?
How experienced are you at building kits?
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